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Dental Crowns and Chewing Gums

Dental Crowns and Chewing Gums

Gums in modern times are manufactured in factories and containing gum base, sweeteners, flavorings and colorings. The types that are recommended by the ADA have artificial sweeteners that do not encourage cavities happen. At the factory, the mixture is mixed and flattened in chewable portions. Some are flat and rectangular, while others are formed in the form of rounded granules or pieces. They are wrapped in small roles to keep them fresh. Bazooka gum is an old fashioned type that includes a little joke illustrated comic cartoons or writing within the envelope. Bubblegum is called by this name because chewing can be used to make bubbles impressive. They also act as good teeth whitening agents.


Do these chews damage to crowns? Many patients who have devices installed in their mouths DDS worry about being too hard on them for chewing gum, beef jerky, candied apples and more. If braces are well placed, the patient should have no problem to remove them. If a person wears dentures or bridges connected only with dentist’s cement, that’s another story and should be discussed with the oral health care professional.

Dental crowns can cover up the oral structures to strengthen and beautify them. These elements can hide irregular discoloration, spots of yellow or gray parts reinforce cracked or decayed, or be the finishing touch after a dental implant procedure. But you cannot use any teeth whitening solutions in your crown. Dental crowns are composed of porcelain, gold, other metal or a combination of these materials. When you paste in a safe and permanent DDS good training should not be evicted for chewing gum. In fact, eating these chewy treats can actually help surrounding oral structures, especially if the container has the ADA seal of approval on it.

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